“Jen is a great mindfulness facilitator and she is great at creating a safe and inclusive environment for all group participants. Don’t worry if this is your first time trying mindfulness or this is your millionth time, you will enjoy and find peace in the sessions!”
– R. Ping, Toronto, ON.

“Through weekly mindfulness sessions I have gained a greater ability to manage stress and conflicts. I enjoy the opportunities for self reflection, group discussions and fun hands-on activities. Jennifer is a great facilitator who always comes prepared and creates a safe and welcoming environment for everyone!”
– Bernice, Toronto, ON.

“Simply Mindful is a great place to learn all about Mindfulness. It is a wonderful environment where we can learn from mindfulness masters and each other experiences. Through lively discussions you realize you are not alone. Jen is a great facilitator who is patient and open minded. I always look forward to coming to Simply Mindful.”
– Annie, Markham, ON.