External Resources

Here are links to some useful resources on mindfulness:

Meditation Apps


Calm – Free, upgrades require subscription payment



Awarded “Apple’s 2017 app of the year”, this app provides guided meditation, relaxation music with serene & beautiful backgrounds.

– Free, upgrades require subscription payment



A fun & easy to use meditation app, with cartoon videos explaining how to approach meditation as a beginner, created by former monk Andy Puddicombe.

MindBell – Free


This app is for individuals who like silent meditations. It can be set as a timer for your own mindfulness practice and can also ring throughout the day as a reminder to come back to the present moment.


Online Readings/Videos

Mindful Magazine
A quick & easy-to-read online magazine on mindfulness. Print copies available in selected stores across Canada/US.

A Mindful Society
In-depth hour long videos providing scholarly views on mindfulness at “A Mindful Society” past annual conferences at University of Toronto, Canada.

Hay House
Looking for some positivity? Hay House started by the late Louise Hay has an abundance of inspirational audio, video, books, and events throughout the year. They also run a live radio program online for free when you provide an e-mail to sign-up.