Mindfulness Explained

“Mindfulness” is about observing the present moment without making any judgements. It’s also about cultivating compassion for ourselves and for others. Our lives are usually filled with thoughts and sometimes, we tend to run on auto-pilot. In fact, the average human brain produces between 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts per day. 1  We can slow down our thoughts and focus on what is important to us by practicing daily mindfulness activities. Science also backs-up the benefits of meditation. A research team at John Hopkins University in Baltimore, USA, analyzed over 19,000 meditation studies. They found that mindful meditation has helped individuals reduce anxiety, depression, and pain.2 Here’s a TED Talk explaining mindfulness by Andy Puddicombe, author of “Get Some Headspace”: To learn more about applying mindfulness, check out our One-Minute Videos or our Blog. We will be updating our Blog on a regular basis. 1 Davis, Bruce, Ph D. (2013, May 23). There … Continue reading Mindfulness Explained