Psychoanalyzing your friends/family can be dangerous

Finally, I can shed some light on why I’ve been having anxiety for the past few years.

Someone close to me decided to study psychotherapy. I thought it would help him resolve some issues from his past, help him get over depression.

It made it worse.

I felt like the only way I could connect with him is to analyze my friends & family. But it was harmful. We just focused on people’s negatives.

I started feeling more & more isolated. It drove me to stop seeing my friends…I thought they could not be there for me, since I “knew” their faults.

But little did I know I would suffer from extreme anxiety later on, and even being housebound. I felt like I could not trust anyone outside. It was a horrible feeling.

I now look to God for healing. He is the ultimate healer and protector.

Acceptance is key. You cannot change someone else. I repeat…you cannot change someone else. You might be able to suggest things and assist. But you cannot change another human being. They have their own free will and their own way of being.

Yhe only person who you can change is YOU. If YOU focus on the positives of life. If YOU decide to change. And if YOU live a joyful life, your energy will be infectious to others around you.

Sending faith, hope, & love.


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