Evidence-Based Mindfulness Program

Need some mindfulness in your home or workplace in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area)?

Simply Mindful offers the following service:

1. Evidence-based Mindfulness Ambassador Council (MAC) 8-week program:

 75% participants found the MAC program to be highly valuable. Participants indicated they learned skills such as: coping with challenges, working with others, strengthening relationships, and managing stress/anxiety. To find out more, follow this link: Research by Mindfulness Without Borders.

Lessons of a 8-week program include:
1.  Mindfulness Basics
2. Paying Attention
3. Discovering Inside
4. Mind & Body Connection
5. Noticing Emotional Triggers
6. Handling Conflict Skillfully
7. Nurturing Compassion
8. Being the Change

Cost: $50 per session for up to 25 participants.

Timing: Each session is one hour long for 8 weeks.

Individual or group mindfulness sessions can be tailored to your schedule (cost may vary). The above program can be delivered in as short as 4 weeks or expanded up to 12 weeks.

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